Why We Changed the Program

If you’ve visited us in the past, you probably realize that we’re making a big change in reducing our Cabinetmaking Program from 5 months to 2 months. So why’d we do it?

Well, the primary instruction always took place during the first 8 weeks, where students learned cabinetmaking fundamentals while building a small cabinet. While we did see value in reinforcing that curriculum by immediately having students undertake a more complex kitchen project, we realized that we were essentially taking on the role that an employer takes: to further train our students to build cabinets using their methodology and standards. In the end, we were in some ways over-training our students!

Students benefit from this new model by getting trained faster (and with less cost) while employers benefit from getting graduates into the workplace faster.

It’s truly a win-win and we’re excited to start NESAW on this new chapter.