Admissions Process

The steps of our application process are listed below. Although we’ve tried to make this process as streamlined and straightforward as possible, we know that every applicant and every situation is different. If you need to follow a different process due to the requirements of scholarships, state funding, veteran’s affairs or retraining programs, please contact us as soon as possible.

  1. Read the description of the program and the frequently asked questions to see if architectural woodworking and this program are a good fit for you and your goals. Make sure you understand the difference between carpentry, architectural woodworking (i.e. cabinetmaking) and furniture-making.
  2. Download or complete our application form (Summer 2020 or Winter 2021) online, taking care to thoroughly complete all sections. If you are a recent high school graduate, you may list school activities and references. Please note that a completed application form is not a commitment to attend the school. It’s just the first step to getting to know you before the official interview.
  3. Arrange a visit to the school for an interview. You can find directions here. Although a school visit is not a requirement for acceptance, it is highly recommended. We will be interviewing you, but we also expect you to interview us. We want this to be a good fit for all parties, so we encourage you to visit during school hours so that you can see our current students in action and ask them questions as well. We find that a visit is particularly helpful if you live out of state as it gives you a chance to see the Pioneer Valley before making a commitment to move here. If you unable to arrange a visit, we can certainly conduct the interview by phone.
  4. You can expect to hear back from us within a few weeks as to whether or not you have been accepted into the program.
  5. You will then need to complete the enrollment agreement that arrives in your acceptance packet and return it with your $500 deposit within 30 days. Please note that even if you have been accepted, we do not consider you officially enrolled until your signed agreement and deposit have been received.
  6. Once all the paperwork is complete and before school actually starts, you’ll hear from us about your tool order and required reading.