Career Training in Cabinetmaking

Our five-month program prepares both beginning and experienced woodworkers for careers or serious hobbies in the field of cabinetmaking.

Real World Projects, Real World Skills

By the time you’re done, you’ll be building cabinets of amazing quality with extraordinary efficiency, using standards set by the Architectural Woodwork Institute. View our project gallery to see what we mean. See what some of our graduates are up to now and check out previous class pictures and videos to get a feel for life in our shop.

Woodworking Workshops

Offered by our sister school, The Workbench. Nights & weekend workshops and summer intensives are available. We also offer Open Shop, where you can use our shop to build your project of choice!

Shop News

“Most tradespeople I know are not just welders, carpenters, or plumbers. Their talents always outreach the router table and torch…As much as they love what they do and take pride in their work, their trade gives them freedom. Their trade engenders creativity…The day you think you’ve seen it all is the day you’re confronted with an inexplicable puzzle…And what do you do? You get creative. You become innovative. You fix it! You think outside the box and do whatever it takes to find a solution. Problem no more. That is fulfilling.”

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